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The New Prishtina

This catalogue of an exhibition was presented to an international audience at the European Forum Alpbach conference in 2007. Held by the Dutch-German-Kosovan initiative Archis Interventions together with planners and architects from Kosovo the reason for this exhibition was a workshop in Pristhina in December 2006. The purpose of this workshop was to discuss the results of a research project that investigated the development of building construction in the city after the end of the violent conflict in 1999.


Prishtina is an example of a city in transition facing enormous challenges: Tranformation from a socialist to a market-driven economy and self-reinvention after a long period of oppression and conflict. It represents the difficulties of the transformation process, which can be seen in cities all over the Balkans. There is a total lack of public bodies with the capacity and jurisdiction to enforce laws. Moreover, there is always a profound crisis of confidence in the public dimension of urban life. At this point Archis Interventions, a not-for-profit branch of the Archis Foundation , is intervening to work out strategies in cooperation with international and local experts, bring important issues of future urban development into public awareness, and mediate between local authorities and private interests. In a round table discussion Archis Interventions together with Kosovan planners and architects as well as representatives of the municipality, the Institute for Spatial Planning Kosova and UN-Habitat, talked about the reasons for the enormous construction boom triggered by the mostly informal buildings activities of Kosovo-Albaniens who hat returned to Prishtina, and how this boom has changed the city´s urban life. ERSTE Foundation co-financed this workshop and encouraged participants to present the results in an exhibition.