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Jana Ševčíková – Jiří Ševčík. Texty (Writings)

This book, entitled simply Writings, presents for the first time a selection of studies, essays, exhibition texts and criticism by Jana Ševčíková (1941) and Jiří Ševčík (1940), supplemented by their complete bibliography and a list of exhibitions they have curated.

Curators, art historians, critics and teachers, Jana Ševčíková and Jiří Ševčík represent a major presence in Czech art history. There is no doubt that they have played a historic role above in all helping to create the discourse of the period and in introducing important themes onto the Czech art scene. These include post-Modernism, the theme of identity, curatorship, the re-politicizing of art and issues concerning new sculpture. They have followed these themes not only through their writings, of which this collection contains over a hundred, but also in their organization of dozens of exhibitions. Jana and Jiří Ševčík managed to brake down the previous interpretation of the development of art and create a parallel line which did not arise from the Surrealist legacy, and which they themselves call “non-existential”.

This book could most definitely become a base for the critical assessment of the contribution of the Ševčíks.