Solidarität in Europa. Herausforderungen an eine gute Nachbarschaft zwischen Österreich und Tschechien / Solidarita v Evropě. Výzvy nového sousedství mezi Rakouskem a Českou republikou

Since the division of Europe ended in 1989, Middle Europe changed lasting. The political opening was followed by two decades of continual political and social renewal. Questions about the further stations along the way to a new feeling of community in (Middle) Europe were asked now from a different perspective.

A series of questions demanded answers, which found possible answers in the special issue “Solidarity in Europe”, published by the Austrian Commission for Justice and Peace. This special issue especially attempts to show perspectives for a neighbourly coexistence between the Czech Republic and Austria as well as to showcase experiences in the Best Practice.
Ten experts from this field in both countries (Petr Fiala, Stefan Karner, Wolfgang Müller-Funk, Ferdinad Kinsky, Ladislav Cabada, Johanna El-Kalek-Haugowitz) wrote their thoughts regarding the topics such as solidarity, reconciliation and the elimination of prejudice and distrust.

The publication (German/Czech) was presented in January 2011 inVienna and Prague.