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SMELL IT! Freundschaft als Lebens-, Produktions- und Aktionsform

The magazine Smell it! Freundschaft als Lebens-, Produktions- und Aktionsform (Friendship as a form of life, production and action) is a collateral, deepening, additional as well as substantive collection of material, which belongs to the exhibition of the same name that took place from 28 Mai until 27 June 2009 in Kunsthalle Exnergasse/WUK in Vienna.

The content of the magazine is nearly the same as that of the exhibition. “Friendship” in all its aspects is in the centre of the topic and alternative forms of life, production and action are analysed. One source of inspiration is Michel Foucault’s small text collection named “Von der Freundschaft”.  Carola Platzer analyses with the help of Foucault’s term of friendship the potential of new forms of lifestyle, while Jan-Frederik Bandel is focussing on the divergence of forms of life.

This book is especially focussing on the meaning of friendship for the cultural scene and its importance for the aspect of production. The author’s friends from the cultural scene were therefore surveyed. Films of Paolo Mezzacapo de Cenzo are analysed by Martin Frey, whose friends also acted as the primary source.

The last topic block of the magazine is about the theme “homophobia” and concentrate on artistic works of post-Socialist/Communist countries.