“My films aren´t designed to be seen just by aficionados. You don´t need any prior knowledge when you watch one of my films. If you leave the cinema moved or impressed you can then always think about the subject matter too. But you don´t have to”.
(Siegfried A. Fruhauf in interview, Viennale 2010)

The fact that Siegfried Fruhauf´s films have a certain hypnotic effect cannot be denied. Battles of material take place in them, they contain reflections and illusions, soundtracks filled with noise and visual interference signals run riot; at the same time all the structural experiments the filmmaker risks never rigidify in the merely theoretical. Fruhauf´s cinema is extremely atmospheric and decidedly non-academic. On the contrary, it presents itself as being radically undogmatic, alternating between abstraction and representation, between punk and classicism.
(Stefan Grissemann)

01 La Sortie:
1998, 6 min.
02 Mountain trip: 1999, 4 min.
03 Blow up: 2000, 2 min.
04 Exposed: 2001, 9 min.
05 Realtime: 2004, 4 min.
06 Structural filmwaste. Dissolution 1: 2003, 4 min.
07 Mirror mechanics: 2005, 8 min.
08 Ground control: 2008, 2 min.
09 Night sweat: 2008, 10 min.
10 Palmes D’or: 2009, 6 min.
11 Tranquility: 2010, 7 min.

Bonustrack I: Frontale, 2002, 1 min.
Bonustrack II: Phantom ride, 2004, 1 min.
Bonustrack III: Mozart dissolution, 2006, 1 min.