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Romale! Persönliches über Aufbruch, Kunst und Aktivismus

What do you like? What do you hate? What does identity mean to you? Are you an activist? And is there something like a “gypsy spirit”?

Several well-known artists, filmmakers and writers made use of their publicity and answered these questions in order to destroy popular clichés of Roma.  Some of them themselves belong to this minority, which counts 10 to 12 million people in Europe. So they use their publicity to discuss their experience with integration, their ethnical identity, but also violence and social marginalisation, which Roma still have to face nowadays.

The result of that examination is not only this book which was published within the Cultural Network and Festival “Romale!” 2010 in Graz, Austria , but also a bridging between tradtion and mondernity and the demonstration that there is no homogenous Roma community, rather several different ways of being a Rom.