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RO-MD/Moldova în douâ scenarii | RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios

What identity could have a collaboration project between two institutions promoting contemporary art practices bearing in mind that the artistic market is almost missing in the first country, while in the second country such market is just emerging? And how could an artistic approach contribute to the discourse regarding the relationships between Romania and the Republic of Moldova?

Thus, the joint actions undertaken by the teams of Chisinau Center for Contemporary Art -KSA:K and of Vector Association from Iasi as part of the project “RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios” constituted an attempt to settle out these issues and, at the same time, to use other means for approaching the issue of relationships between Romania and Moldova, to identify the causes and effects of a historic and identity route in the current political and economic context.

The project was conceived and focused not only on the idea of carrying out vidual art projects that would provide exact and exhaustive answers to the issue concerning the relations between the two regions and societies, but specifically on generating a critical discourse in the artistic environment of Iasi and Chisinau regarding the issue. At the same time, the project participants were invited to analyze and comment upon the condition of post-socialist societies from a historical perspective, on the one hand, and to develop future scenarios for the given societies, on the other hand. Along with this, the combination of actions and practice can be considered as an extension of the visual arts arsenal through which the artists’ capacity to critically perceive the reality was extended through researching and investigating the social and economic aspects, as well as holding debates on problems faced by both societies.

Project and publication were supported by ERSTE Foundation.