Projekt Zivilcourage. Aufruf zu einer neuen Solidarität. Eine Dokumentation

The “Project Civil courage. Conscience bound” had the aim to show the future prospects of a tolerant society, founded on humanistic principles of the science, that arranges their social and economic relationships and has the courage to adopt a new solidarity.

On 2 November 2010 the prominent scientists and researchers in Austrian Parliament were asked about the state of civil courage today. Having the courage to take a stand and show personal resistance, is a daily challenge.
The second part, on 5 November 2010, dealt with personal explanation, discussion and “testing” courage. In workshops and discussions, group participants learned and discussed options for action against discrimination and racism.
The aim of the two events was a mobilisation of the participants, the motivation to act personally against discrimination and to bring the topic into public discourse.
Among other articles, the speeches and statements of the speakers (Magda Krön, Luitgard Derschmidt, Christian Felber, Antonia Gössinger, Gerhard Jagschitz) are presented in this issue of the quarterly journal “QUART”.