Political Practices of (post-) Yugoslav Art. RETROSPECTIVE 01

This catalogue is a result of the collaboration between several independent organisations and collectives about a cluster of different researches that have their focus on socialist Yugoslavia’s heritage and has been published on the occasion of the exhibition in the Museum of Yugoslav History – Museum 25th of May in Belgrade (29 November – 31 December 2009).

“The exhibition, Policital Practices of (Post-) Yugoslav Art [PPPYUART], reconstructs and researches three historical references of forms of critical thought within the art that developed in socialist Yugoslavia, or in the vanguard of the concept of socialist Yugoslavia – these are partisan art, socialist modernism and the New Artistic Practices. These three notions can be seen as important historical references for today’s conceptualization of political activity within the field of contemporary art.”

The project itself was initiated by the four organizations in 2006: Prelom kolektiv (Belgrade), WHW kolektiv (Zagreb), kuda.org (Novi Sad) and SSCA/pro.ba (Sarajevo) as the long term multidisciplinary research, which traces, articulates and debates about the interrelationships of visual arts, intellectual production and socio-political practices in the give social conjuncture. It tries to give back the political voice to the art which has been taken from it, both actively (through the domination of “cultural industries” approach) and retroactively (through the way it is historicized).