Non-aligned modernisms

These five publications explore the political modernism developed through the political practises of non-aligned countries and its reflection in the production of new social relations, public spaces and representations in visual arts and urban studies; its potential for todays’ globalised art, culture and politics. The publications entered the field of debates on European political and cultural identity, focusing on the role of cultural producers in creating new and articulating old social and political imaginaries alongside the East/West as well as the South/North axis.

vol.1 Ana Sladojević: Images of Africa
vol.2 Vladimir Kulić: Building Babylon
vol.3 Dubravka Sekulić: Constructing Non-Alignment: The Case of Energoprojekt
vol.4 Dominique Malaquais, Vincent Cédric: Entangled Panafrica : four festivals and an Archive
vol.5 Olivier Hadouchi: Images of non-aligned and Tricontinental Struggles
vol.6 Rachel O’Reilly, Jelena Vesić, Vladimir Jerić Vlidi: On Neutrality
vol.7 Stevan Vuković: Non-Aligned Nomos