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Misthaufen der Geschichte? / Ash Heap of History?

A few years ago I found some old, thrown away soviet propaganda pictures at a rubbish heap. Pictures which I –like every former citizen of the Eastern Bloc – met” always and everywhere: in school, in boarding school, in official public buildings… Pictures, whose content  never interested me and was never explained to me.


I was shocked to find out that I did not only know the contents, but also the titles by heart. Also today I associate not only these pictures, but also innumerable commodity items, which were used for communistic means of propaganda for example in the former ČSSR, with this propaganda machinery. Do these “rubbish heaps” of disposed commodity items really belong in the past? Can we also dispose of all this “rubbish” inside our heads the same way? How powerful and dangerous is propaganda – no matter which kind? Do we have a chance to avoid it?

Abbé Libansky
Vienna, September 2009