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Migrationsskizzen. Postkoloniale Verstrickungen antirassistische Baustellen / Sketches of Migration. Postcolonial Enmeshments Antiracist Construction Work

The publication Sketches of Migration embodies both the results of a collective process and its realization as an art project, which consists of images as well as scientific and literary contributions from art, gender and migration experts. Its intent is to animate the debate on various aspects of migration, and specifically to deconstruct clichés about migrants, fight everyday racism, create political and critical practises and to make alternative images of migration visible.

The leitmotif of this project is the idea of “defining oneself”, which can be viewed as a process of self-definition and self-empowerment of ”women, women artists, women migrants”.

Sketches of Migrations deals with following questions:
What does migration mean for female artists – who have migrated – in their work practise and everyday experiences?  What role do backround and gender play in the distribution of power and access to resources? How much power do female artists have for a representative political impact?

Dealing with the term “migrant” has also priority: How is it defined and by whom? The definition involves complex socio-political power relations, because “migrant” is a constructed identity that indicates the inequality concerning civil rights and (daily) discrimination in the conditions in the nation state.

This project´s basic aim is to lead this debate on a democratic and participatory level. This approach aims to dissociate from the frequent practise of exploiting “far away” and “exotic” cultures for the amusement of mainstream society.