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Magic Blocks. Scenarios for socialist collective housing estates in Bucharest

“There is the big city filled with concrete blocks. People call them boxes, very often matchboxes. There are boxes for million dwellers.” p.6

“Magic blocks” unifies the results of the workshop on socialist collective housing estates initiated by Archis Interventions, Zeppelin, Point4 and Arhitectura in 2009. The book refers not to any city, but focuses on the Romanian capital Bucharest, as 70% of it’s population live in socialist apartment block neighbourhoods. During the communism these blocks were seen as the only type of new housings, as they also materialised it’s ideology of equality. Nowadays they bring up the question of identity and social state of their inhabitants mostly. Economical, social and cultural transformations are therefore needed not only to make live in these blocks more independent, unique and pleasant, but also to reclaim the buildings for a better looking cityscape. The schemes, which are drawn up in “Magic blocks”, are thus some helpful and considerable strategies for the further urban regeneration of Bucharest and a productive input for political authorities and architects.