Living across. Spaces of migration

What are the spaces that migration can be located in, and what are the spaces it helps to produce? The exhibition attempts a typology of spaces of migration through a range of image types – from dream-like sequences to the re-enactment of earlier experiences. Moving into focus are boundary and transit spaces, cultural and political contact zones, the mental and media spaces of recollection and expectation, as well as transnational social spaces of migration.

The specific potential of artistic expression is, above all, to be found in the differentiation, multiplication, and complexification of images of migration which are subject to an extreme narrowing-down in representations within the prevalent political and media discourses. Living Across correlates works of art which are less committed to directly accessing “reality” or aesthetically illustrating political viewpoints, but rather use associative, performative, or poetic means to approximate the visualization of underexposed zones of migrant spaces. Their “micropolitical” strategies of representation do not see the subjective as marginal to the political. They address the tension between representational possibilities and their objects – those spaces of migration which they themselves draw their artistic energy from. The exhibition therefore is not only about Spaces of Migration, but also about the potentials and limits of visual and narrative techniques to “adequately” cover them.