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Literary perspectives. The re-transnationalization of literary criticism

Eurozine im:print is a new series of print collections, compiling Eurozine articles and essays around topics of special interest and relevance to a transnational debate.  Literary persectives is an ongoing series of essays that aims to provide an overview of diverse literary landscapes, describing the current literary climate in specific European countries (Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovenia, Northern Ireland, The Netherlands and Estonia), regions and languages.

The texts in this volume were first published on the Eurozine website and republished by renowned literary journals from all over Europe: from Turkish Varlik in the south to Lithuanian Kulturos barai in the north. Written by distinguished literary critics and authors based in the respective countries and regions, the articles also represent divergent critical traditions and practises, and have the potential to widen not only the literary but also the meta-critical horizons of a broad European readership.

In the first essay in the Eurozine Literary perspectives series, Gabor Csordas introduces five new Hungarian novels. All share a concern with history and narrative, and all except one deal with Hungary’s recent past. The poet and critic Alex Steger is writing about the Slovenian novelists while Margot Dijkgraaf is coping with the Dutch literature.

Sweden is in this book represented by the author Jonas Thente, Estonia by Mart Valjataga, Austria by Daniela Strigl, Ukraine by Tymofiy Havryliv, Northern Ireland by Matt McGurier, and Croatia by Andrea Zlatar.