Les Stratégies fatales / FATAL STRATEGIES

The Calvaria Publishing House Foundation organised a major multimedia art event in the wake of translation of Jean Baudrillard’s “Fatal Strategies” into Ukrainian – a text which presents a rich source of observations and critique of so-called Western culture and society. This event introduced not only a new way of book promotion, but also served as a tool for the propagation of translations of philosophical books in the Ukraine.

This multidisciplinary project, which comprised modern philosophy, video art, fashion, performances and architecture, put Baudrillard’s philosophical ideas, as one of the leaders of intellectual thought in Europe, into contemporary context in today’s Ukraine, which still struggles with a post-totalitarian society and expresses a great need for translated modern progressive works.

The fashion show presenting a special collection “Fatal Strategies” made by the leading Ukrainian designer Olga Gromova and the press conference took place on 11 October 2011 in Kiev, in a historical building of Soviet industrial architecture.

The catalogue (English/Ukrainian) and CD illustrate the event, which linked philosophy and translation with contemporary art to produce new ideas for Ukrainian culture today.