Kandinsky, Kupka, Schönberg. Abstraction and atonality

“The collection grew from our conviction that if a nation’s culture survives, than so too does the nation.” (Jan Mladek)

The voluminous catalogue is a result of the exhibition “Abstraction and Atonality: František Kupka, Wassily Kandinsky and Arnold Schönberg”, which took place in Museum Kampa – The Jan and Meda Mladek Foundation, Prague, from 12 May to 31 July 2011. The Museum Kampa, which hosts the largest private collection of the Czech painter František Kupka, collaborated on this exhibition with the Arnold Schönberg Center in Vienna and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. It united three very important individuals for the art world, namely Kupka, the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky and the Austrian composer and painter Arnold Schönberg, bringing these world-known figures together to explore the special aspect of the interrelations between music and painting, which influenced one another very strongly at the time.

This bilingual catalogue (Czech/English) published excerpts from Wassily Kandinsky’s and František Kupka’s texts as well as an interview with Schönberg on painting and a correspondence between Kandinsky and Schönberg. In addition to this, the publication includes also full colour pictures of artists’ works and their biographies.