Just Say No To Family Values – John Giorno / Antonello Faretta, Keren Cytter, Maria Petschnig, Patrycja German, Jaan Toomik / Jaan Paavle / Risto Laius, Karol Radziszewski, Deborah Schamoni, Paolo Mezzacapo de Cenzo

The title of the compilation JUST SAY NO TO FAMILY VALUES is borrowed from the eponymous video, and is in line with the work as statement and clear commentary on the current increasingly recognizable conservative backlash. In their short video, filmmakers John Giorno and Antonello Faretta unabashedly celebrate hedonism with an emphatic gentleness and poke fun at conservative positions in a lyrical speech act. The aim of the compilation is to cast a multi-part glance from various perspectives and  geo-political contexts on body and gender roles as well as sexual politics. (Dietmar Schwärzler)

“Just say no to family values” was originally produced  as a part of the full length film “Nine Poems in Basilicate”, in which John Giorno, among other, a performance poetry  pioneer and star in Andy Warhol’s first film “Sleep” (1963), generated an amaizing power of expression mainly through the emphasis and onomatopoeia of the spoken word.
Giorno founded his record company “Giorno Poetry Systems” in 1965 in order to experiment with film, video, music, and speech recordings together with artists such as William S. Burroughs, John Ashbery, Ted Berrigan, Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass, Robert Rauschenberg, and Robert Mapplethorpe – to name only the most well known. Here, too, he uses spoken word performance, a genre that he strongly influenced.

The DVD contains 7 films, incl. bonus material:

01 John Giorno, Antonello Faretta Just say no to family Values: 2006, 5 min.
02 Keren Cytter Der Spiel: 2007, 5 min.
03 Maria Petschnig Kip Masker: 2007, 3 min.
04 Patrycja German Schenkeldrücken: 2005,7 min.
05 Jaan Toomik, J. Paavle, R. Laius Invisible Pearls: 2004, 12 min.
06 Karol Radziszewski Fag Fighters: Prologue: 2007, 14 min.
07 Deborah Schamoni Dead Devils Death Bar: 2008, 26 min.

Bonus I: Paolo Mezzacapo de Cenzo Under water: 1971, 19 min.
Bonus II: John Giorno Just say no to family Values: 1995, poem pdf

Language: Original versions with english subtitles