Július Koller: Univerzálne futurologické operácie

Július Koller has „consistently developed his position up to the present day, and an oeuvre that in its stringency, obsession and peculiarity could well be called one of the most erratic and consistent of European contemporary art. It is perhaps most comparable with the universe of a Marcel Broothaer.“ (Georg Schöllhammer)

The book entitled “Universal futurological operations”, dedicated to the work of  Július Koller, was published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition of Július Koller, curated by Roman Ondák. The exhibition was held at the Kölnischen Kunstverein from July to September 2003, and was the first extensive international solo exhibition of the artist.
The publication includes texts by Vit Havránek,  Július Koller, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Roman Ondák and Georg Schöllhammer accompanied by previously unparalleled photographic documentation (created mainly by his wife Kveta Fulierová) of the artist’s collection of UFO-nauts and text cards, records of his outdoor actions, performances and manifestos.