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Fotografia in arta contemporana. Tendinte in Romania dupa 1989 / Photography in Contemporary Art. Trends in Romania after 1989

The lack of knowledge about Romanian art, although there are many aspiring and up-coming artists working in this medium still stays more ore less unnoticed in other European countries as well as the remaining world. Photography in Contemporary Arts is a book initiated by Galeria Noua in Bucharest and pictures the development in Romanian photographic art since the end of the communism period. It gives an overview of Romanian photography in this context.


Over the last 20 years, the world of Romanian art has seen its most impressive development in the field of photography, with a number of Romanian artists working in this medium having achieved international recognition. However, the lack of knowledge about Romanian art and Romanian artists in general, both outside the artistic community as well as internationally, cannot go unnoticed. The aim of this book is to chart the developments in Romanian photographic art since the fall of communism. Besides their artistic value, a further criterion used in selecting the artists presented in this book was their involvement in projects organised or exhibited by Galeria Noua.

Since its founding in 2001, the gallery has strived in its curatorial programmes to achieve a balance between established and emerging artists, showcasing solo as well as group exhibitions, both of Romanian and international origin. Indeed, Galeria Noua has succeeded in being perceived as both a mainstream and alternative exhibition space. Alongside some already familiar names, this book presents a new generation of Romanian theorists capable of placing Romanian artistic production in the fields of photography and new media in a wider historical and cultural context. In doing so, they manage to overcome the geographical and political barriers that characterised much of recent history.