filmske mutacije: peti festival nevidljivog filma

“Film Mutations: The Festival of Invisible Cinema” was initiated in Zagreb in 2007 with the aim was to create a platform for an internationally connected discourse on film culture, introducing recent innovative ideas on cinema, intercultural collaboration and knowledge transfer.

In 2011 the festival took place for the fifth time in Zagreb and Ljubljana. The overall theme was “The Ethics of Film Images” based on the on the work of one of the most significant film and media critics, French film essayist Serge Daney.

The bilingual catalogue (Croatian/English) of the whole event includes essays by influential film curators and thinkers like Raymond Bellour (The film spectator: A unique memory), Jacques Rancière (The politics of Pedro Costa), Alexander Horvath (Persistence and Mimicry. The digital era and film collections), Serge Daney (Before and after an image) and others. Interviews with José Luis Guerín and Benoît Jacquot, done by Croatian film critic Dragan Rubeša, are also presented in this comprehensive publication.