European Voices II: Cultural Listening and Local Discourse in Multipart Singing Traditions in Europe.

This voluminous book is a result of a two years ethno musicological research, in which 30 musical experts from 20 countries took part, investigating folk terminology and musical phenomena in Europe.

The highlight of the investigations was the symposium “European Voices II. Cultural Listening and Local Discourse in Multipart Singing in Europe” organised from 24 till 26 October 2008 inVienna, of which the largest part of the contributions are included in this volume.

The book is divided into three sections and an addendum. They deal with the physiological and the philosophical definition of “what is music?” as well with issues of cultural listening and multipart singing. Most of the contributions reflect the situation in several different communities and areas in Europe and provide different insights into questions of local terminology and local discourse.

CD and DVD with audio and video examples from the symposium are included.