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Europe talks to Europe – A polylogue on culture and politics

Diversity isn’t good in and of itself; it’s good because it allows us to expand our horizons, to break out of the boxes – be they cultural, ethnic, or religious – in which we find ourselves. To think about other values, other beliefs, other lifestyles, to make judgements upon those values and beliefs and lifestyles. To enter, in other words, into a dialogue, a debate, through which a more universal language of citizenship can arise.

Kenan Malik

The network of European culture journals and netmagazine “Eurozine” took part in this discussion by organising in co-operation with ERSTE Foundation a series of public debates in cities across central and Eastern Europe, including Budapest, Bratislava, Brno, Bucharest, Lviv, Sofia, Warsaw and Vienna. They provided the basis for the second volume in the Eurozine im:print series “Europe talks to Europe – A polylogue on culture and politics”, in which editors, authors and intellectuals are dealing with cultural identities and European integration. By discussing nationalism, neutrality, multiculturialism, communism and its outcome etc. this volume aims to integrate discourses that are still confined to the margins of intellectual Europe into a common European exchange of opinions and arguments.