Europa erhören – Listening to Europe

How does Europe sound like? Does Budapest have a special sound? How do you experience Athens while you are passing through? And are there typical noises in Vienna?

Europe’s diversity has its seeds not only in the diversity of its landscapes, but moreover in the richness of its languages. One possibility of getting to know Europe is travelling through its countries. The other one is cheaper and easier to realise –reading books of European novelists. Not to be spoiled by choice readers could buy then the successful book edition “Europa erlesen”. But as language is not only the written word, but also the sound of the spoken one, Mercedes Echerer and Lojze Wieser published the CD compilation “Europa erhören”. On so far ten CDs celebrities are interpreting poems and literature of well-known and unkown authors from Bucharest, Vienna, Budapest, Dalmatia, Moravia etc., altering with traditional and modern songs from and about these regions.

Athens, Budapest, Bucharest, Dalmatia, Linz, Moravia, Styria, South Tyrol, Vienna and a special edition of Europe already exist. Within the next years the compilation will be enlarged.