Talking Letters. A film on the Romani language

Written texts by Roma did not exist until the early 20th century and it was not till 1990 that the International Romani Union decided at the 4th World Romani Congress in Poland on a common alphabet for Romani language. Thus, stories have passed through generations in the oral tradition and few have been written down in the own language of the Roma people. Through their social marginalization, this part of the European population suffers also under lack of education.

The film project “Talking Letters” portrays a language that is an extraordinary case of a survival against social, economic, political and education related circumstances. Showing the individual case of Romani speakers from Austria, Lithuania, the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine, the film gives an inside in different realities of Roma who – against every pressure of assimilation – are following their own ways of keeping, transmitting and promoting their language.

“Talking Letters” was an interregional collaboration between AlteArte (Bucharest), KSAK (Chisinau), CAC (Vilnius) and CCA (Kiev) with the unique focus to raise the awareness and interest towards the ongoing changes within the Roma communities through the language issue.

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