Dui Rroma. Zwei Generationen – eine Geschichte

The movie „ Dui Roma – Two Bon-Vivants“ is a documentary that tells the story about Hugo Höllenreiner, Sinti from Germany, the victim of Dr. Josef Mengeles, that survived the concentration camp. He tells his experiences to the young composer, student Adrian Gaspar from Pojejena in Romania, that lives in Vienna. Gaspar is emotionally occupied with things he heard and creates his first symphonic work: “Symphonia Romani – Bari Duk”- a 45-minute long composition with orchestra, chore and bass.

The movie shows that a person shouldn’t stay anchored in the past, but should wake up and do something for it’s present: A sad story from the survivor of the concentration camp was a reason why a talented young composer created one beautiful composition of classical music. The messages to Roma that come out of the movie are that they can be self-confident; that they should enjoy their life (even though they may live under extreme conditions), respect big treasure that they have (their language) and find themselves role-models in other successful Roma, and that they mustn’t give up. On the other hand, the Gadje (non- Roma) are asked to learn to appreciate the potential of the Roma and to eliminate their image as the “poor, criminal, lazy Gypsy”.