Dossier Ukraine – Protagonists in civil society 2012

On the occasion of EURO 2012, which took place in Poland and Ukraine, the association “name>it” started a project which, by dealing with underrepresented themes of the Ukrainian society, aimed at creating a new non-stereotyped image of Ukraine.

Within the framework of this project, which was supported by ERSTE Foundation, the Austrian radio “Ö1” dedicated one whole week to Ukraine, offering a comprehensive program with lots of variety: discussions, book readings, music evenings dealing with many interesting topics, from the humane image of the Ukrainian poet Yuri Andrukhovych to the diagonal-portrait of the city of Kiev. Broadcasts were organized in the Radiokulturhaus with various guests from cultural, economical and civil society field, followed by a comprehensive focus on Ukraine in the newspaper “Der Standard”.

This publication presents results of the project – a research conducted in Kiev in 2011. It was based on cooperation with local partners and the spotlight is mainly on activists from the civil society field, who initiate and participate in positive changes in the country – from women’s rights to migration, media and economic development. This unique survey is printed in German and English including color pictures, articles on mentioned topics, as well as interviews with some of the most important protagonists of the cultural and civil-social life of Ukraine.