Das Gemeinsame, das es nicht mehr gibt / The common which no longer exists

The exhibition catalogue for the show „the common which no longer exists“ presented in September / October 2012 in Künsterhaus Wien is a collection of text contributions by artists, architects and theoreticians on the consequences of the collapse of Yugoslav / Bosnian- Herzegovinian society on their own life as well as on their artistic production.

The experience of a borderline situation which abolishes the sovereignity of the individual allocating him or her according to spatial criteria is connected to the radical breakdown of the Common. The one, which was generated and unrolled by the joint territorial unity as well as the socio-economic and political orientation.While the concept of the “old” Common is losing its substantiality serving no more as a reference point and the “new” is searching for its legitimacy, it is significant that the resulting models and discourses are ambiguous, manipulative and controverse one. In this publication the multilayered points-of-view provide insights into the structural diversity of the very
process of creating common identities as it was and still is being performed.