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Close ENCOUNTERS. Vienna ∙ Bratislava ∙ Budapest

Close ENCOUNTERS connects the three culture metropolises Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava in the representation of contemporary art, the promotion of encounters and the development of a “new closeness” marked by reciprocity. Close ENCOUNTERS is borne by artists and cultural actors of the three cities and the creation of a cultural cross-border network. The objective is to raise public awareness on a broad level of the respective art scene and of the opportunities offered by synergies in this large cultural space.

Close ENCOUNTERS has initiateted a cross-borde exchange of ideas and has invited artists, cultural actors and theoreticians from Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest to comment on CLOSENESS between these cities – in geographical, historical and emotional respect. Close ENCOUNTERS speaks about problems and discrepancy between these cities and aims to open up a critical forum of constructive diversity of opinion in which the individual views are taken seriously.

The book focuses on questions like: How close are these three countries after the opening of the border? Which are the opportunities and obstacles in this cultural space of former Eastern and Western Europe? How do the individual artists and cultural actors of the three cities see the situation, their scope and their chances for real exchange? Close ENCOUNTERS aims to develop a sustainable cultural crossborder exchange, to promote contemporary artists in Central and Eastern Europe, to strengthen the local initiatives and art scenes as well as to dismantle fears and stereotypes.