ERSTE Stiftung Studies

Chişinău – Artă, Cercetare în Sfera Publică / Chisinau – Art, Research in the Public Sphere

This book is a result of a trans-disciplinary research that investigated the connections between political and cultural symbols, propaganda as well as its impact on the urban environment, the interference between personal narratives and imported ideologies and cultural discourses in relation with the public sphere 20 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, specifically in Chisinau, Moldova.

The project “CHISINAU – Art, Research in the Public Sphere” was composed by a theoretical seminar, practical workshops and a trans-disciplinary conference held from May till December 2010 in Chisinau, which looked deeply into the recent changes that shaped the social and cultural environment in this city. The aesthetic and symbolic aspects of the public sphere were presented and debated in conjunction with the development of the 70’s and 80’s architecture, trends and habits of the socialist society.

It created an opportunity for cross-cultural exchange and cooperation between contemporary art practitioners and experts from different fields (architects, designers, sociologists) coming from countries like Romania, Montenegro, Serbia, Lithuania and Estonia as well from other EU countries that experienced similar social and cultural processes and phenomena.

The book includes the seminar and conference participants’ speeches, in which they discussed about former cultural differences and new realities and also presented their own challenges to artists, cultural workers and to the open public.