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Regionalpresse Österreich-Ungarns und die urbane Kultur

This volume focuses on the development of the German-language regional press in urban centres of Central Europe between 1860 and 1910. It collects articles by scientists from seven regions of the Habsburg Empire that are distinguished by their very different cultures and histories. The papers within the volume consider the complex journalistic relationships at work within the provincial capitals of the Crown lands and in the city of Vienna.

The accelerating process of European unification has led to heightened interest in the diverse German-language media landscape of the past. This project closely examined old German-language newspapers of Central Europe from various perspectives. From 1848 there were about 600 German daily newspapers in Central Europe alone, and just the register of newspapers and magazines of the Austrian Academy of Sciences takes up 65 large book pages. Due to this abundance of material, the analysis of the German-language regional press focused on entertainment and cultural life, while political events, reminiscences of historical events and economic upheavals are only referred to fleetingly. The articles collected in this book thus represent a full picture of selected cultural landscapes (the Slovenian part of Styria, Baranya, Slavonia, Transylvania and Bukovina) and invite readers to make intriguing comparisons. Since the analysis focused specifically on local references, the book provides fascinating insight into the cultural idiosyncrasies of each region.