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Zbyněk Baladrán. Tabulka / Table

Monument to Transformation deals with different aspects of Czech-Slovak art history before and the Czech and Slovak art history after 1989. This is the catalogue of an exhibition, that is part of a long-term project and that shows only a topical fragment. An appeal for collaboration on the Table project (Monument to Transformation ? Fragment #3) made public by selected media, set the framework for the intended archaeological survey by the project author Zbynek Baladran.

The different exhibition fragments of Monument to Transformation, which were newly curated time and again on different locations, analyse social transformation in the context of East Europe and beyond. The basic prerequisite of this Brno exhibition was an interest on the part of the public in the subject and willingness to display often private and emotionally charged snapshots recording a change or the process of change. The common denominator of the individual sets was the period of their origin, easily identifiable due to seemingly unimportant secondary features (clothing, interiors, etc.). Although many do not capture the ”breaking news”, they are equally valuable in terms of strength of evidence they provide. We discover similarities in the records, particularly with regards to private photographs, where, as a result of the anonymity of their creators, their private nature becomes a public domain.