ARTMARGINS – The print journal

The newest journal from the MIT Press, ARTMargins will foster awareness and conversation about contemporary art in an expanded field of practices. Within the fabric of a present moment characterized by different, and often incompatible, temporalities and agendas, ARTMargins wants to locate transnational commonalities and trajectories that connect, or divide, different regions of the world, bringing together artistic practices from (post-) transitional zones, while at the same time questioning the logic of transition itself: today the entire world is a margin in transition. ARTMargins invites artists, curators, and critics who operate under the conditions of neo-liberal capitalism to critically reflect on what the editors call the “thickened global margin,” encompassing historical, geographical as well as philosophical or theoretical post-peripheries.

ARTMargins has evolved from the well-known website ARTMargins Online. The print journal, realized through the support of ERSTE Foundation, is edited by Sven Spieker and published by the MIT Press. The journal will release three issues per year.