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Architecture of Peace

We’re ready to intervene in conflict areas, to fight for peace, but what are we to do next? How do we materialise peace? Can architects help to stabilizes peace in crisis regions? And finally, which role does architecture play for a peaceful coexistence of different social classes and ethnic groups?

The fourth issue of the magazine “Volume” is based on a conference of the “Architecture of peace” project – a joint initiative of Archis, the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands Architecture Institute and Partizan Publik – in May 2010.  It raises these questions and discusses constructive and pragmatic solutions for architectural problems in former war zones and post-conflict areas like Kosovo, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine etc.

In its supplement, the urbanist Kai Vöckler takes a closer look at the “Politics of Architecture” by presenting various projects of the network “Archis Interventions in South Eastern Europe”.

The social role architecture plays nowadays seems to be new, but keeping the map of conflicts in the magazine in mind, this role seems to be an important and essential one if peace is not only understood as the absence of war.