Anna Jermolaewa – Good Times, Bad Times

The title Good Times, Bad Times of the first solo exhibition of Anna Jermolaewa in Poland was borrowed from a series of photographs. It captures an urban everyday life situation: on a grey facade pigeons sit on the arrows of a wall clock and it turns out that a quarter to three is a better time to rest there than five minutes to five.

The title at the same time refers to the German TV soap opera Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten that has been broadcast since 1992. This publication documents artworks that were created over the last five years and brings into focus recent very personal productions. Besides projects about the current oppositional movement in Russia, political works that deal with the artist’s personal biography – the ups and downs of life, its setbacks and small successes – are featured. With texts on the construction of inter-species relationships in Anna Jermolaewa’s art works by Andrea B. Braidt, the artist’s shifting attitude to art and politics by Ekaterina Degot and conversations: with the artist and with the psychologist Valeria Mukhina.