An Meine Völker! Der Erste Weltkrieg 1914-1918

1914, a hundred years ago, was the outbreak of the World War I. On this occasion the Austrian National Library is dedicating an extraordinary exhibition with the title “An Meine Völker! Der Erste Weltkrieg 1914-1918″ (“To my people! World War I 1914-1918″) and will present the comprehensive collection of the library to this key incident, which shattered Europe and the entire world.

The predecessor of the Austrian National Library, the Court Library of the Austro-Hungarian monarchs, was already archiving during the war tens of thousands photos, posters, texts, war diaries and other remarkable documents, which testify in an impressive way the life at the frontline and in the home countries.
From the far-reaching assassination on archduke Franz Ferdinand 1914 to the Völkermanifest 1918 – roughly 250 exhibits from the comprehensive war collection of the Austrian Library will tell the story of the war and the slow collapse of the multiethnic monarchy Austria-Hungary.