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  • Pioniri

    Pioniri. Meine…

    The result of this joint initiative, in addition to numerous experiences and encounters, is the film “PIONIRI – my story, [...]

  • Can you see the future

    Can you…

    As, Rastko Močnik, Slovenian philosopher and sociologist, one of the interviewed persons, suggested “We have no more time for utopia [...]

  • Talking Letters

    Talking Letters.…

    The film project “Talking Letters” portrays a language that is an extraordinary case of a survival against social, economic, political [...]

  • House of the Hedgehog

    House of…

    House of the Hedgehog talks about the Hedgehog who lived in the modest old wood in the forest. One day [...]

  • Dui Rroma

    Dui Rroma.…

    The movie shows that a person shouldn’t stay anchored in the past, but should wake up and do something for [...]

  • Strom der Erinnerung

    Strom der…

    The interviews are edited in chapters according to the main topics, regathering the voices of a dispersed community, for instance [...]

  • Ivan Ladislav Galeta - Obsession: Structuring Time and Space

    Ivan Ladislav…

    Film is but one of the media in which Ladislav Galeta displays his artistic work. Galeta was also a pioneer [...]

  • SAJMIŠTE - The History of a Camp


    On the eve of the war, years of progress On November 11, 1937, the new fairground complex, which the then [...]

  • Martina Kudlácek - Notes on Marie Menken

    Martina Kudláček…

    "I consider all of Marie's films as part of one extended notebook." It is with this laconic remark that Martina [...]

  • Balkan Express

    Balkan Express.…

    “Croatia, Europe and the Twilight of Heroes” focuses on the dramatic developments of the young republic since the death of [...]

  • Reclaiming the City

    Reclaiming the…

    Conceived as an investigative documentary that examines urban changes critically, the film is a quest through dramatic socio-economic restructuring processes and the [...]

  • Black cats

    Black cats.…

    “Black cats” is a documentary composed in two parts: The first part presents and includes footage from archives related to [...]

  • Kdo zere psy

    “Kdo žere…

    Two years ago, in a cooperation with the ERSTE Foundation, the Archa Theatre in Prague has launched a project “Where [...]

  • From Dionysian Socialism to PredatoryCapitalism

    From Dionysian…

    In terms of its structure, the project is composed of three parts: a film workshop, lead by Želimir Žilnik an [...]

  • Non_movement


    Documentary Directed by Enes Zlatar talks about generation born in the late 60-ies and early 70-ies of the 20th century. [...]

  • Rice and Beans

    Rice and…

    Beans have for a long time been, and still is a traditional Albanian food. The poor people in Albania are [...]

  • Open Barracks

    Open Barracks

    The idea of TV documentary OPEN BARRACKS is directed to the process of demilitarization of the city of Novi Sad [...]

  • Patriotic Hypermarket DVD_124x172

    Patriotic Hypermarket

    As a first step of the project, 40 individuals of Serbian and Kosovo Albanian origin were interviewed. Each of them told his/her life story, memories [...]

  • Exposed


    The fact that Siegfried Fruhauf´s films have a certain hypnotic effect cannot be denied. Battles of material take place in [...]

  • Burning down the palace

    Mara Mattuschka…

    Burning Palace turned out to be a melancholy film. Here, I introduced five people who are in a show at [...]

  • just say no to family values

    Just Say…

    "Just say no to family values" was originally produced  as a part of the full length film "Nine Poems in [...]

  • Ferry Radax

    Ferry Radax:…

    In an interview conducted by Georg Vogt, Ferry Radax talks about the work process during the production of the film [...]

  • The other chelsea

    The Other…

    This portrait focuses on a group of old miners and a young millionaire-politician from the Ukraine’s industrial Donbas region – [...]

  • Europa erhören - Listening to Europe

    Europa erhören…

    Europe’s diversity has its seeds not only in the diversity of its landscapes, but moreover in the richness of its [...]

  • Balkan Express

    Return to…

    Following an initiative by ERSTE Foundation and the scientific research conducted by the European Stability Initiative (ESI), ORF, ORF/3sat and [...]

  • Architektur der Erinnerung

    Architektur der…

    Bogdan Bogdanović was born in 1922 into an upper-class family of artists. Even as a pupil he was already moving [...]

  • Flaming Ears - Ursula Pürrer, A. Hans Scheirl, Dietmar Schipek

    Flaming Ears…

    "In 2700 - it was the year of the toads - the city of Asche was burnt-out, a wild beast, too vast [...]