Superar allows young people to experience the importance and beauty of making music and dancing together. Within a friendly and supportive atmosphere, children and teenagers develop themselves freely in school, enhancing their key life skills: self-confidence, respect, discipline, a sense of community, and a sense of responsibility.

Music, dancing and orchestra classes take place almost daily for children and teenagers in kindergartens, schools and community centres.


photo by: Gabriel Gomez, (c) superar 400 voices united: superar choirs performing at the Salzburg Festival in 2013 together with the National Youth Choir of Venezuela. Photo by: Gabriel Gomez, (c) superar

Founded in Austria in 2010 by the Vienna Concert House, Vienna Boys Choir and Caritas Vienna, Superar was inspired by the famous Venezuelan musical initiative „El Sistema“. 350,000 children and teenagers are taught in 180 different music centres throughout Venezuela, even in the poorest regions. Thus, children from all social backgrounds have the chance of building a perspective for the future through music, and they are able to develop both their talents and their personalities.

The experience of the founding members ensures that the teaching, artistic and musical level offered by Superar is of the best quality. The classes are taught by musicians, singers and dancers at the highest artistic level and are therefore attractive for everyone, whatever their background or ability might be.

In close cooperation with Bauern helfen Bauern, in 2012 a new Superar initiative was set up in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Around 80 children from Srebrenica take part in the almost daily activities developed in the elementary school, such as instrument playing and singing in the choir.

In 2013, we supported the setup of new Superar initiatives further in Central and South Eastern Europe, namely in Romania, in five locations close to the city of Brasov. In Sacele, the activities take place with the support of FAST Charity Romania in their community center, focusing on bringing closer together the children belonging to the three local ethnicities: Romanian, Hungarian and Roma. In Sfantu Gheorghe, the singing classes take place in two schools, one Romanian and one Hungarian. In Örko the music activities are organized in a Roma school, while in Zizin, in a Roma settlement. Superar Romania is supported by Katarina Turnauer Stiftung and Caritas Alba Iulia.

From the very beginning, children’s self-confidence and social cohesion is developed through regular performances, which many times take place in famous settings. The activities of Superar aim as well at the activation of the local communities, by involving parents and school structures in the process.

In July 2013, representatives of all Superar choirs from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Switzerland, Slovak Republic and Turkey performed at the famous Salzburg Festival together with the National Youth Choir of Venezuela.