Paul Celan Fellowships for Translators

This fellowship programme of the Institute of Human Sciences in Vienna provides translations of significant works in the field of humanities and social sciences into languages of the Central and South Eastern European region. It bears the name of the author and translator Paul Celan, whose work – probably more than any other in the 20th century – is based on the diversity of European cultures and, at the same time, arbitrates between them.

Since the end of the cold war, the conditions for intellectual productions in the South Eastern European region have improved noticeably. Despite this fact, the exchange of ideas and the reception of scientific literature are still afflicted with cultural as well as socio-economic asymmetries. Although important works are being published, they do not get the attention in the Western part of Europe that they deserve. To help change this current situation, by filling the gaps in the relevant literature on both sides and thus improve access to and exchange between so far isolated cultures, the Institute of Human Sciences started its translation programme in 1987. ERSTE Foundation joined the Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators in 2005 as a new partner. Since 1987, more than 80 translators from 16 different countries have worked within the scope of the scholarship. The scholarship holders spend between three and six months in Vienna, receive a hosted flat, a well-equipped office and, of course, a scholarship. Furthermore, they become part of everyday life of the Institute for Human Sciences. Here you can find more information about the latest call.