Network of Day Care Centres for Children with Disability in the Republic of Moldova

Young people with disabilities deserve the best support that society can provide. In Moldova, a network of day care centres for young people with disabilities is strengthening its capacities and becoming more innovative in its integrative approaches.

Network of Day Care Centres for Children with Disability in the Republic of Moldova

Through intensive training and international exchange, the network aims to meet EU standards of care provision. The real beneficiaries are the children and young people themselves, as their living conditions improve, and their care is provided with greater professionalism and attention to their own individual needs. ERSTE Foundation supports this social-change project which is led by, and implemented with, Hilfswerk Austria International.

National and international experts carry out the intensive training sessions and workshops. The newly acquired expertise is boosted through activities at a summer camp, where local communities are also given an insight into the work of the care centres in their midst. Network members discover more about international standards of therapeutic and social support through a study visit to Austria, which includes trips to several Hilfswerk centres, as well as centres run by other partners with a similar focus in their work. Also as part of the project, innovative approaches to care are promoted at a conference in Moldova.

What are these innovative approaches? Various therapies involving art, music and play have been shown to improve the ability of children and young people to express their feelings and tell their own stories – feelings and stories which can be hard to articulate in words. And this is especially the case with young people with disabilities. All of those taking part in this project covering Moldova and the Transnistrian region will become skilled in new types of special therapy.

Disseminating the positive results of the project via publications, presentations, the summer camp and conference will not only spread the word among fellow care professionals but help sensitise a wider public to the needs of young fellow citizens with disabilities.