Monument to Transformation 1989-2009

Exhibition, 28 May to
30 August 2009
The City Gallery of Prague
Monument to Transformation 1989-2009 summarises two and a half years of exhibitions, discussions, works of art, texts and events which have occurred or were initiated by The installation were made up of works of art, archival materials, videos, texts and create a unique environment for intellectual reflection on the topic: What happened to us in the last 20 years?

Monument to Transformation 1989-2009

The intention was to contribute to the discussion of personally experienced changes through the creation of a medium in the field of art and art theory, which offers an alternative to the generally accepted ideas about what is currently happening in post-communist countries. The exhibition was followed by a conference, a series of film projections and by the publication “Dictionary of Transformation” (with more than 60 authors  like Chantal Mouffe,  Slavoj Žižek,  Václav Klaus, Václav Havel,  Victor Misiano and many others).

Exhibition: 28 May –  30 August 2009
Opening: 27 May 2009, 7 pm
The City Gallery of Prague, Valentinská 1, Prague 1, Czech Republic
Main Media Partner: Czech Television
Organiser:, City Gallery Prague

Publication: Dictionary of Transformation
In May 2009 produced the Czech publication Dictionary of Transformation with more than 100 terms describing different aspects of transformational processes. For this reason, a partnership with theoreticians and artists from different countries has been established (to name a few: Spain, Greece, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Portugal, Poland, Korea, Philippines, Mexico, Slovak Republic, Indonesia, Russia, Italy, Hungary).
The book will include texts on proposed headwords and illustrations (graphs and schemes).  The English version of the book was published in cooperation with the Swiss publisher JRP-Ringier in November 2009. The goal was to create a map of events and relations in the transformation period in different countries with the assistance of the Dictionary of Transformation. The entries of the book will be partially published on the website under the item “vocabulary”.

Series of Lectures: What’s happened to us?
4-26 March 2009
tranzitdisplay, Dittrichova 9, Prague, Czech Republic
Participants, among others: Tomáš Ježek, Jiří Havel, Miroslav Petříček, Tomáš Sokol, Helena Třeštíková, Jiřina Šiklová, Tomáš Sedláček, Miloslav Petrusek, Jiří David, Martin Bursík, Milan Uhde, Vladimíra Dvořáková

A series of four lectures followed by discussions, which confront domestic artists, intellectuals, politicians and economists with the fundamental question: What has happened to us in the last twenty “transformation” years since the Velvet Revolution? Political, economic and historical analyses today reconstruct the course of the transformation period relatively comprehensively. The scope of their interest concerns transformation mainly as a structural transformation of the legal and political system, economy, media etc. The analyses are written and followed mainly by specialists, who primainly observe the transformation changes through the prism of their own specialisation. In sense of the psychoanalytical metaphor, these analyses constitute the visible tip of the iceberg.

12-14 June 2009
Monument to Transformation
The City Gallery of Prague, Valentýnská 1, Prague, Czech Republic
Speaker: Jan Voerwert, Chus Martinez, Aristide Antonas, Aleander Kiossev, Viktor Misiano, Antonija Majača, Mária Hlavajová

The purpose of this conference (meeting) was to examine a hypothesis, outlined by an exhibition event, within which is this meeting (conference) organised. Monument exhibition draws out suppressed and spaced out problems and themes, brought in by the radical change (transformation) of political, economical and social system. The exhibition itself creates an encyclopaedia or handbook to what has happened to us in last twenty years and forms hypothesis, that it is possible to observe these “metamorphoses” within the framework of new transformation countries geography (Middle and Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Uruguay, Chile etc.).

1 June – 30 August 2009
Screening: A series of film projections
Municipal Library of Prague, Mariánské nám. 1, Prague, Czech Republic
A series of documentary film projections is organised in the Municipal Library of Prague and curated by Tomas Pospiszyl. As an accompanying program of the final exhibition, it is meant to reflect the transformation changes in the last twenty years in Middle and Eastern Europe. The films was shown on Wednesday or Thursday in a time range between 6pm and 9pm.   11, 18 and 24 June; 8 and 15 July; 5 and 19 August 2009

Monument to Transformation exhibitions in September 2009:
Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic
Subiceva 29, Zagreb, Croatia
Centre for Visual Introspection
Biserica Enei. Str. 16, District 1m Bucharest, Romania

 Monument to Transformation  installation models
Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, Germany; Le Plateau, Paris, France; Atrium of Moravian Gallery, Brno, the Czech Republic; Index, Stockholm, Sweden; Prague Biennale 3, Karlin Hall, Prague, Czech Republic; Labor, Budapest, Hungary; tranzit workshops, Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Permanent installation 2007 -2009: tranzitdisplay ressource center for contemporary art, Prague, Czech Republic

Realisation Team
Initiators: Vít Havránek, Zbyněk Baladrán
Project coordinator: Věra Krejčová, project assistant: Hana Sládková, and others
Programator/graphic designer: Adela Svobodvá
Translators: Ivan Gutierez, Martin Ritter, Kateřina Piettrasová, Stanislav Škoda
Photographer: Jiří Týn
Webmaster: Karel Majzlík

Installation View – Monument to Transformation Fragment # 7, Communism Never Happened / Vocabulary,
tranzit workshops, Studená 12, Bratislava, Slovakia