Flow – Festival of Conversation in Culture and Science

Flow is an innovative cross-border communication and networking platform for today’s and tomorrow’s young producers of culture, art and knowledge in the countries of the Danube region. Particular emphasis is placed on protagonists who work outside of large, established institutions and are interested in expanding their professional network to enable them to initiate specific projects with people in other countries.


Flow - Festival of Conversation in Culture and Science

Flow aims to establish a mobile platform for dialogue and networking in the Danube region. The first three-day festival – part of a project that is to take place every year – was held in Novi Sad from 29 to 31 May 2008. A total of 80 creative individuals established professional contacts through open dialogue and were thus able to start developing project ideas and visions for the Danube region.

The target group consists of aspiring young producers of culture and knowledge from groups as heterogeneous as possible including artists, curators, authors, culture managers, representatives of alternative media, scientists, humanists and people working for NGOs. Participants are selected on the recommendation of the eleven Flow advisory board members. Each country is represented by one member. For its first run, Flow took the form of a moderated open-space workshop, a tried-and-tested large-group format, and was hosted with the assistance of various cultural and scientific institutions in the region. On a constructive level, Flow seeks to upgrade the Danube region in the long term and to create a Flow community with a common identity. It was initiated and realized by the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, in cooperation with ERSTE Foundation.