PRESS RELEASE 2012-10-10

“Return to Europe” (Balkan Express) continues with two new episodes

n 2008, around four million viewers followed the TV documentary series “Return to Europe” (German title: “Balkan Express”) on ten countries of Southern Europe on ORF and 3Sat. Now, the documentary series, which was initiated by ERSTE Foundation in cooperation with the European Stability Initiative (ESI), continues with two new episodes. The two films on Croatia and Moldova are premiering on 21 and 28 October, in the “” at 23.05 on ORF 2.


“Croatia, Europe and the Twilight of Heroes” focuses on the dramatic developments of the young republic since the death of its first president, Franjo Tudjman, in December 1999. Based on the rise and fall of their (war) heroes – from Tudjman to Gotovina – the film illustrates the frantic process of change in a country. The episode “Moldova – Lost in Transition” portrays a country that is considered to be the poorest in Europe, and struggles for an identity between Europe and Russia. The film gives a fascinating insight into a rich and traditional culture that is little known outside its borders.

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