Activities & News

  • A portrait of the project Erko in Jihlava has been broadcasted in the “Roma magazine – the life of Roma in the Czech Republic through reporter’s eyes” on TV recently (Romský magazín – život v Česku očima romských reportérů). Watch the report (ERKO is broadcasted between minute 2:20 and 6:55).
  • In a networking meeting on October 09-10, 2012 in a first training for public relations for KomenskyFond project staff was conducted in Nitra. Project staff from Jihlava, Nitra and Povanska Bistrica and responsible individuals working in public relations of the respective Caritas participated.
  • FM4 Reality Check visited the day care centre for Roma children in Periam, Romania. Read the report from September 8, 2012
  • In 2012, a survey about compensatory education was conducted to find out which factors enable a successful education biography for children and adolescents with migration background. The study was conducted on behalf of the BM.I. (Federal Ministry for the Interior), the IV (Federation of Austrian Industries), the AMS (Public Employment Service Austria), the bm:ukk (Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture), and Caritas Austria in cooperation with ERSTE foundation.
  • Social exclusion is an existing problem among young people. In 2011, Caritas Innsbruck conducted simulation games for groups of 15-20 young people to give them an understanding of social exclusion and discrimination.
  • Caritas Carinthia advices and supports victims of human trafficking since November 2009 in the project Talitha. In 2011, with the help of the KomenskýFond, in particular women who were trying to change their field of work were supported in their integration into the labour market. Additionally, public awareness campaigns were conduted.
  • According to a survey of the OECD, Austria has one of the highest rates of immigrants employed below their skill levels, also because professional qualifications are frequently not recognized. Caritas in Upper Austria provides nostrification counselling and support for skilled immigrants which was supported in 2011 by the KomenskýFond.
  • From September 4th to 10th 2011, 42 children from 8 CEE countries participated in the Intercultural Youth meeting of the KomenskýFond, which took place on Wilhelminenberg in Vienna.