We promote the process of European integration by providing a platform for exchanging ideas, knowledge and initiatives. We would like Europeans to live according to common values, to freely share ideas, to work together and to learn from one another. Our work thus focuses on establishing a lively culture of dialogue. In an environment insisting on differences, we enable people to experience feelings of solidarity, connection and cooperation.

XVII Balkanology, Prishtina 2008 © Kai Voeckler

Our projects anticipate the reality of a unified Europe and convey the potential of the common union, in particular in those countries where, at present, EU programmes cannot yet be implemented. We seek contact with and the enthusiasm of young people.

We know that it is essential to take a constructive and critical approach to investigating and documenting Europe’s recent history, especially when developing such ambitious visions for the future. We thus promote and support networks that document knowledge, experiences and memories and make them accessible across borders.

Programme Europe TEAM

  • Ursula Dechant
    Project Coordinator
    T: +43 (0)50100 - 15430
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    Ursula Dechant

    Project Coordinator
    T:+43 (0)50100 - 15430

    Ursula's motto is that happiness is not a state to arrive in, but a manner of travelling. Well, certainly she has done plenty of the latter. While born and raised in Austria, Ursula has lived and worked all over the map - literally! Luxembourg, Grenoble, Paris, Athens have proven to be a valuable detour to finally arrive at ERSTE Foundation in 2005.
  • Miroslava Holečková
    Project Coordinator
    T: +43 (0)50100 - 15495
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    Miroslava Holečková

    Project Coordinator
    T:+43 (0)50100 - 15495

    Wanting to support important projects of philanthropic purpose led the former tour guide for visitors of the United Nations Information Service (UNIS) headquarters in Vienna to ERSTE Foundation in 2008. Here, she guides programme information through our database - and is in daily contact with our project partners, ensuring efficient project administration and implementation.
  • Marianne Schlögl
    Project Manager
    T: +43 (0)50100 - 15839
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Europe projects account for 25.10 % from the total of projects funded by ERSTE Foundation during 2005 – 2015.

“Recognising the disintegration of the European Union and the closing of European societies as a major threat, I see the major priority in the work of ERSTE Foundation to be an effort to come to build a public strategy that is passionately pro-EU but which is not simply defense of the current status quo.”

Ivan Krastev