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  • PRESS RELEASE 2017-02-10

    Will Europe pass the acid test?

    Ivan Vejvoda becomes Permanent Fellow at IWM and launches multi-year project to examine the future of the EU, developed jointly with ERSTE Foundation

    Europe is facing tremendous challenges. Liberal democracy is being put to the test both from within and from outside. In addition to the advance of populist parties and the rise of nationalist tendencies, exit plans – see Brexit – jeopardise the stability and future of the European project. To be able to treat the symptoms of the crisis, it is necessary to thoroughly analyse the problem, says political scientist and Balkan expert Ivan Vejvoda. Starting in 2017, Vejvoda will lead a three-year research project at the Vienna Institute for Human Sciences (IWM). The initiative, which has been developed with ERSTE Foundation, is entitled “Europe at Risk?”.