Facts and Figures

ERSTE Foundation currently controls directly and indirectly* 29.28% in the stock of Erste Group Bank AG, one of the largest financial services providers in Central and South Eastern Europe. ERSTE Foundation invests its dividend revenue in the development of societies in Austria, Central and South Eastern Europe: it supports social participation and civil-society engagement, it brings people together and disseminates knowledge of the recent history of this region that has been undergoing dramatic change since 1989.

Facts and Figures

ERSTE Foundation’s work

The funds used by ERSTE Foundation for project work can be classified as either funding of project partners, i.e., payments to non-profit organisations for the implementation of projects or direct project expenses, i.e., costs incurred by ERSTE Foundation for the research, development and implementation of projects in the frame of its 3 programmes Social Development, Europe and Culture. In 2006, ERSTE Foundation provided the nominal capital for the founding of Zweite Sparkasse, the bank for the unbankable, and in 2008/2009 of good.bee, an initiative to overcome financial exclusion. These were extraordinary expenditures, which are not incurred on a regular basis. The charts below give you more information on how ERSTE Foundation uses its funds for project work.

ERSTE Foundation’s total expenditure for projects 2005-2014:
€ 74 million

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With the exception of 2006, when a substantial part of total expenditure was invested in the establishment of Zweite Sparkasse, the funding of project partners made up for the vast majority of total expenditure.

Types of expenditure: Share in total project expenditure 2005-2014

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For the whole period 2005-2014, about 73% of ERSTE Foundation’s funds were paid to non-profit organisations for the implementation of projects, while direct project expenses accounted for about 16% of total expenditure. In total, start-up financing for Zweite Sparkasse and good.bee made up for about 11% of total expenditure in the period 2005-2014.

ERSTE Foundation’s regular expenditure for project work: Funding and direct project expenses 2005-2014: € 66.1 million

ERSTE Foundation’s expenditure for project work in the period 2005-2014 (calculated as total expenditure less the founding costs of Zweite Sparkasse and good.bee) amounted to a total of € 66.1 million. This chart shows the share of ERSTE Foundation’s programmes (Social Development, Culture, Europe and General Funding) in total funding and direct project expenses in this period.

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Number of projects approved

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Between 2005 and 2014, a total of 11173 projects was approved. Out of that, 199 projects were the results of calls for application.

* Includes voting rights of ERSTE Foundation, savings banks, savings bank foundations, Wiener Städtische Wechselseitige Versicherungsverein and of 9.9 % shares of CaixaBank.

ERSTE Foundation is the main shareholder of Erste Group Bank
In Austria, private savings bank foundations are committed to serving the common good, while also carrying a special responsibility as main shareholders of their banking institutions. Therefore, ERSTE Foundation invests part of its dividend to promote the growth of Erste Group.

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29.28% Currently, ERSTE Foundation controls directly and indirectly* 29.28% of the capital shares of Erste Group.

80% of ERSTE Foundation’s annual budget is invested in projects that we initiate in our 3 programmes Social Development, Culture and Europe. The remaining 20% are spent as grants to non-profit organisations to support their projects.

€ 66.1 million is the total amount of funds ERSTE Foundation has spent between 2005 and the end of 2014.

1173 is the total number of projects ERSTE Foundation has imple-mented and/or supported between 2005 and the end of 2014.

38 is the total number of persons who form our operating team*. In detail, these are 29 employees and 9 freelancers.
* excluding Boards, as of end-2014.

Annual Report 2014

ERSTE Foundation publishes annually a report with information and figures related to its work. Here you can download our current report.

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