We develop and implement projects ourselves or in cooperation with partners, working together for the empowerment of civil society. Here are some of our most important partners with whom we implement our factory projects:


The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, is a close group of editors and trainers that enables journalists in the region to produce in-depth analytical and investigative journalism on complex political, economic and social topics. BIRN emerged from the Balkan programme of the Institute for War & Peace Reporting, IWPR, in 2005.
Caritas Austria
On both a national and international level, Caritas Austria supports people in need in various ways and also supports education projects. For instance, for long-term unemployment, for women in emergency situations in Austria, but also for disadvantaged youths in the poorest European countries or street children in Ethiopia, Congo and Egypt.
Casa Albinei
Casa Albinei was founded in 2010, to establish a platform for non-profit activities in Romania in close cooperation with ERSTE Foundation. The association promotes and develops projects and initiatives that improve society in order to meet the challenges of a new and united Europe.
Compagnia di San Paolo
Compagnia di San Paolo was founded in Torino in 1563 as a charitable brotherhood and is one of Europe’s most important private foundations. The current Articles of Association, adopted in the year 2000, specify its purposes: the Foundation participates in society’s activities by pursuing ends that are of public interest and social utility, with the aim of favouring civil, cultural, and economic development in the community in which it is active.
ESI is a non-profit research and policy institute, created in recognition of the need for independent, in-depth analysis of the complex issues involved in promoting stability and prosperity in Europe. ESI was founded in June 1999 by a multinational group of practitioners and analysts with extensive experience in the regions it studied.
Interkulturelles Zentrum
Interkulturelles Zentrum (IZ) is an independent non-profit organisation based in Vienna/Austria, which aims at the enhancement of intercultural relations, both on a national and international level. IZ promotes the development of communication between people of different cultural origin and educates people to carry out practical, intercultural work.
King Baudouin Foundation
The mission of the King Baudouin Foundation is clear and at the same time wide-ranging: to help improve living conditions for the population. In its 1976 Constitution, the Foundation is described as “an independent structure that encourages original ideas and sets up new projects.”
Robert Bosch Stiftung
Robert Bosch Stiftung is one of the major German foundations associated with a private company and has managed the philanthropic bequest of company founder Robert Bosch for more than 40 years. Indeed, it was his entrepreneurial vision, political farsightedness, moral fortitude and charitable initiatives that set the standards for the work of Robert Bosch Stiftung.
VČELÍ DOM is a non-profit civic association founded in Bratislava in May 2009. It brings together people from Central and Eastern Europe and actively cooperates with its partners within a network of organisations working for the development of civil society.
The activities of the civic association VČELÍ DOM cover support and organisation of international and national projects, seminars, symposia, lectures, cultural and social events as well as artistic workshops.