Many of our important projects run for years. Also, most of them are developed and implemented together with or by local partners. Our working methods always aim to find a balance between strategically oriented concepts and their implementation by using region-based knowledge. We also believe that cooperations between foundations improve outreach and strengthen the results.

It is our goal as proactive foundation to invest up to 80% of our annual funding budget in projects we initiated.

aces is the only school network in CEE that connects students and schools from 15 countries.

ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration is a factory project initiated and implemented 100% by our team in 13 countries.

This is our factory: here, you can find our key projects. As an active foundation, we develop our own projects within the framework of three programmes: Social Development, Culture and Europe. In ERSTE Foundation's factory, experts from many different fields are part of the international team: activists from civil society, scientists, artists, theoreticians, curators, and many more.

Archived Projects