The Soviet century

Karl Schlögel talks with Susanne Scholl about his new book at the Vienna Humanities Festival 2017

12. October 2017
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The great historian of Eastern Europe Karl Schlögel offers with his new book Das sowjetische Jahrhundert: Archäologie einer untergegangenen Welt (The Soviet Century: Archeology of a Lost World, German: C.H. Beck) a new perspective. We have always known a lot about how “the system” works, far less about the routines of life in extraordinary times. But every empire has its sound, its fragrance, its rhythm, which survives even when the empire has ceased to exist. Thus, a hundred years after the 1917 Revolution and a quarter of a century after the end of the Soviet Union, the panorama of a unique empire emerges without which we can not understand “the time after” in which we live today. On 24 September 2017, the talk was led by the longtime ORF correspondent Susanne Scholl.

Watch the full debate (in German):

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